Document Requirements for the following Grants:

Please refer to the following LEGEND to know the Grant document requirements:
◉ No Document Required
** Parent's Income Tax Return

Group 1:
◉ CEU Singers Grant
◉ CEU Concert Band
◉ CEU Varsity Grant
◉ CEU Pep Squad Grant
◉ CEU Folk Dance Troupe
◉ 20/21 Incentive Program
◉ CEU Alumni Foundation Grant
◉ USC Grant
◉ USC Officers Grant
◉ Medtech Student Council Grant
◉ Mr. & Ms. CEU Grant
I would like to apply to one of the Grant above.

Group 2:
** R.A. - 6728 Grant
** CEU Education Foundation Financial Assistance

I would like to apply to the R.A-6728 Grant.

*Important: Please scan and compile all the requirements into a SINGLE PDF file with file size not more than 2mb.
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